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At Springwind Immigration, we provide excellent customer services that let you feel rejuvenated just like spring breeze;
we offer outstanding professional guidance and knowledge to you just like how spring rain nourish all livings quietly;
finally, we aim to obtain brilliant success for you in your immigration journey!


Springwind Immigration Consulting Services Inc. is a federally registered immigration firm that helps prospective international students and immigrants realize their dream of coming to Canada to study, work, live and settle.
We provide credible and affordable solutions to your individual cases. We are located in Toronto, Ontario. It is founded by RCIC Longzhen (Jenny) Lin, ICCRC Registered Immigration Consultant.
She has over ten years of experience working as Immigration and Refugee Counsellor and Legal Support Worker in her previous job.
Springwind Immigration team is committed to providing the most genuine and honest immigration advices. All our staff have graduated in immigration and legal related professions and have prior experiences in immigration field.
Our partnering immigration and family lawyers are prestigious in the industry and they have rich experiences at federal court and other levels of court.
We take your immigration matters to our heart. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If you have any comments about our service, please provide your review.


Imigration Service

Our Immigration Consultants will provide initial consultation to assess your qualification and recommend the most suitable program tailed to your situation based on current immigration policy and programs.

Temporary Visa

  • International Student Visa:assist in applying for schools, apply for initial study permit and visa, extension of permit and visa, post-graduate work permit etc.
  • Visitors Visa:assist in applying for visa based on tourism, visiting relatives, super visa, visitor record, change type of visa from visitor to worker or to student.
  • Worker Visa:LMIA, work permit, spousal open work permit, bridge work permit and post-graduate work permit, inter-company transferee, owner-operator work permit.

Study Overseas

We have partnership with over 1000 Canadian school and over 100 American schools. We will help you choose the most suitable school and program. We will conduct initial consultation to thoroughly assess your educational background, your interest, your strength, your career goals, labour market trends and your desire to immigrate or return to home country. Then we will assess your ties to your home country and prepare your documents and applications.
We have pre-arrival and post-arrival settlement services, so that you arrival will be smooth.
  • Short-term Journey Education、Study Direct Stream
  • Top-ranking schools:Guaranteed admission to the top ten prestigious schools in Canada and subsequent home placement services in Canada.
  • Summer camp、winter camp
  • Apply for primary and secondary schools at public and private schools

Translation Services

We have accredited interpreter and translator in Mandarin, Cantonese, Fuzhou Dialect, Vietnamese and other languages. We provide interpretations and translation for various settings, such as court, medical, business and appointment with lawyers. Translation and notarization of various documents。
  • Translation and notarization of various documents
  • Daily life、shopping、school registration、business meeting、medical appointment、Court Interpreter
  • interpretation at government, industry & commercial and service related departments
  • Mandarin, Cantonese, Fuzhou Dialect, Vietnamese & other

Notary Service

As a new immigrant or international student, you often need to translate and notarize documents from your home country. Springwind immigration can provide various translation and notarization services.
  • Birth certificate certification, marriage certificate, passport notarization
  • Guardian's notarization、Certificate of Singleton
  • Transcript, degree and academic certification notarization
  • Non-Criminal Record Certificate
  • Three-level fingerprint authentication

Other Legal Services

Provide other legal services such as applying for government issued documents、welfare application、appeals and family law etc.
  • Citizenship Application, PR Card Application, Extension and Reissue
  • Other types of government applications: Company Registration, small court claims, application for child tax benefit, application for maternity leave unemployment benefits (EI),
    passport application, application for pension, disability benefit and WSIB claims.

  • Experienced immigration consultants and lawyers representing various appeals: sponsorship appeals, rejected refugee claim appeals, loss of citizenship or permanent resident appeals,
    detention reviews, bail hearing, etc.

  • Family lawyers deal with all types of divorce: divorce by agreement, disputed divorce, wills


Springwind Immigration elite team includes: practicing lawyers, immigration consultants, legal assistants, Career Counsellor, English language tutors, settlement worker, and tour guide.
  • Jenny Lin: CEO, ICCRC registered immigration consultant, has a Master degree in Law and has a Master degrees in Immigration & Settlement Studies, has more than ten years of experience in immigration field as a Legal Specialist.
  • Patricia Gan: Born in Singapore, a descendant of Chinese descent. She is a senior family lawyer and Notary Public. She has more than 20 years of lawyer experience. She is especially good at dealing with various issues related to family law and proficient in both real estate law and wills law.
  • Frank Lin: Master in Sciences. He has been working as a tour guide and driver and settlement counsellor for eight years.
  • John,Preevanda, Shelly: lawyers who have won numerous cases in the Immigration and Refugee Appeals Tribunal and federal courts.


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