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Springwind Immigration has won its reputation among its existing customers with its professionalism and dedication. Our attentiveness to documentation and our rigorous advocacy has helped our clients get approval. We maintain our professional ethics and code of conduct. We have resolved many difficult cases. Our customers have shown their trust, appreciation and gratitude towards our services! The following are just excepts of some of our respected customers’testimony and samples of approval letters from IRCC.

Client A: Li, Na -- Springwind Immigration helped refused application got approval

you are my dream
I was introduced to Ms. Lin, R.C.I.C. from Springwind Immigration through my brother. Ms. Lin gave me detail and professional explanation and guidance. I am very happy with our initial consultation meeting, so I retained her for my visa services with ease. I have applied once through a travel agency in China and my application was rejected. They are very unprofessional. I told them that my daughter and I wanted to visit my brother in Toronto, but they asked me to gather materials according to the general tourism visa. As a result, the visa officer doubted the purpose of my trip, and also said that we had insufficient financial resources and did not believe that we would return to China upon expiry of authorized stay.

Ms. Lin not only gave us very professional guidance, but also had the best advocacy skills. Her writing and documentation is very professional. She showed my brother the submission letter that she wrote. It was very convincing. She also helped polish my brother’s invitation letter. Furthermore, she also guided my brother to go to the local M.P.P office and request a support letter. At the same time, she also suggested that it would be best for me to visit my brother first, and then come with my daughter next time. The legal submission letter Ms. Lin wrote was four pages long. From the purpose of this trip, my family financial situation, my ties with China, my travel history, and my brother’s situation, she gave concise arguments. She also cited immigration act and relevant case law, which was very applicable to my case. That is how she helped me successfully got the visitor visa.

When I arrived at Toronto Airport, my brother contacted Ms. Lin, and Ms. Lin gave guidance on the phone immediately. I saw many people being taken to a small room for questioning. And I quickly entered the customs because of the guidance of Ms. Lin. I was so happy to see my brother. I spent two very pleasant weeks in Toronto.



visa approved

My review

First of all, it is a little difficult for a Bangladeshi citizen to get a visitor Visa for Canada. For this purpose, I started looking for an immigration lawyer and then I found this firm through my friend. When I talked to Ms. Jenny Lin’s (CEO & Founder &RCIC) and Mr. A.K. Azad’s (Consultant Assistant) to discuss my visitor visa. I was concerned about my lack of documentations.
After the consultation, I felt comfortable with Ms. Lin about her legal advice. In particular, based on my education and work background, Ms. Lin suggest me to look for professional conferences that I can attend in Toronto and she assist me with the research. She recommend several conferences and I chose one that I am particularly interested in. She even bought the early-bird conference e-ticket for me in Toronto, which saved me almost a thousand dollars. She wanted my visa to succeed for the first time without any concern. All the process run smoothly, they helped me with everything and I got my visitor visa for five years really fast.

They charge a totally reasonable fee for the work that needed to be done and I never felt like I spent too much money on the consultation and subsequent application. I have had a very good experience with this firm. They were really professional with my case and I’m really thankful for all their help. Ms. Lin adequately prepared my application & documents and submitted online. I didn't see Ms. Lin face to face until I got my visa. I met with her directly when I went to Canada. She spent extra time for me and her hospitality was extraordinary to me.


You will not find better immigration consultant than Ms. Jenny Lin and her staff! They became more like friends to me. Jenny is truly amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in immigration field. She is always available via email or messenger, answers all the questions in details, and during meetings she is always prepared and will spend extra time with you. She will not just collect and forget about your plan. She will be in touch, guiding your whole process until full success.
I will definitely hire Jenny again for my any future plan and I recommend her to anybody.

My experience at tour in Toronto, Canada:

Springwind Immigration provides after-arrival services. I was so happy to see Azad when I arrive in the Toronto Pearson airport. He came to pick me up. I was only in Toronto for 6 days and from everything I experienced, I loved the people, the charming city, the weather, I specially liked my incredible experience in attending the three days conference on block chain at Rebel Entertainment Complex, 11 Polson Street, Toronto. After conference is finished, I enjoyed helicopter ride, hop-on hop off bus tour, shopping, Niagara Falls, Bengali foods etc. Azad acted as my tour guide. Hi Azad, thank you very much for a wonderful experience in Toronto. I enjoyed every moment, from the time you picked me up at the YYZ Airport until I returned to Bangladesh a week later. I just wanted to say a very big thank you to Springwind Immigration Consulting Services Inc. for a wonderful time on my tours. I didn't feel lonely because of your companionship.

Client C: Ms.Truong

visa approved
Hi Jenny, as I have discussed with you about my brother wants to immigrate to Canada as well, he is right now considering 3 options:
1) Investment in Quebec
2) PNP in Atlantic
3) PNP in Manitoba

I have talked to him about how amazing you are as an RCIC who always try to find the best solutions and options for your clients like me.

You can find in the CC section his email and I'm sending this email to both of you as from now on you can directly communicating with each other. Please tell him what information you need to know about him in order for you to identify the best option for him. Thank you Jenny!

Client D: Preetham Motepalli

visa approved
I have 10 backlog credits for my university study. It shows on my transcript. I have over 6.5 IETLTS scores. I wanted to study a Graduate Certificate Program in Canadian college, ideally with Business Analytics or Big Data Analytics.

Ms. Lin told me right from the beginning that it is difficult to get admitted especially since Big Data Analytics and Business Analytics is very popular program, and also because I did not take any statistic course in my university study. She suggested that she expand the program search a little wider and I should also consider programs likes information technology network security. It is proven to be true.

She helped me applied for five college programs. Three of them are in Business Analytics, which were all rejected for exact the same reason that her concern is. She helped me applied for the other two program in Information Technology Network Security, one from Lawrence College and one from Conestoga College. I was accepted into both programs. At the end I chose Conestoga College. My study permit got approved.

Now I have enrolled in the program and started study. I liked the program. I can not thank her more than enough. Because before I came to her, I contacted many immigration agencies in India, and none of them were able to give me as much instruction as Ms. Lin did. Ms. Lin is very professional and patient. I will recommend her to anyone who need admission to Canadian schools.

Client E: Li, Wenzhu

visa approved
My daughter went through tough time due to domestic violence. Her ex-husband is very violent. She had to escape to a shelter that protects women fleeing domestic violence. At that time, the shelter has policy of three months length of stay. She had to move out of shelter. She had two children. The boy has special needs. It was difficult to manage on her own. I was looking for an Immigration Consultant to see if can stay to help my daughter and the grandchildren. Luckily, Ms. Longzhen Lin told me that I could apply for Humanitarian and Compassionate application and ask for exemption to apply from within Canada. Ms. Lin gave us very detailed instruction and support for everything. She helped my daughter and grandchild connecting with professional services including counselling services. In the process of gathering supporting documents, she was holding our hands all the way. Our application was approved on March 26, 2020. Now I am eligible to apply for a work permit and wait for my permanent resident final approval. Thank you again, Ms. Lin.
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